Core Tuner trenner Services

The module Services enables you to manage and optimize installed services.

The innovative online rating system pools the knowledge of all Ashampoo Core Tuner 2 users. It allows individual services to be rated manually on the basis of personal experience, and information on individual services to be sent or interactively queried. Naturally, online updating and the synchronization of all available ratings are also performed.


What’s a service and what information is there about this?

Core Tuner trenner Services

Services are a crucial part of an operating system. There they control a lot of important processes from Windows updates to printing jobs and therefore not all of them are unnecessary resource eaters. Very often they are launched unnecessarily (e.g. you can’t use a service, because of your hardware or other programs in use) and therefore slow down your computer.

The Services module build straightforward and yet offers all functions that are important. Under start type you’ll find whether a certain service is launched as required service, is deactivated or activated. Started shows you whether a service has been launched since you booted you system.

An innovation in this area is the rating system for services. Here users of the Ashampoo Core Tuner 2 rate the value of a service for the whole system and give you important clues, whether a service is useful for you.



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After choosing a service you can find a description on services below the list of services on the left-hand side. In most cases/usually you can already tell whether or not a service is required.


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For further information on a service just make a right click on it. The so-called context menu is opened/opens where you can change settings and use the Show details on this service. You can also select a service using a left click and then the button Details at the top (s. image below).


Core Tuner 023.zoom90 Services

Which setting options are there for a service?

Core Tuner trenner Services

Basically it is important, if services are launched automatically while the system boots. While this is mandatory for required services, it is a performance brake for your system with services that are not required. After you figured out that a service is not required you can change it using the Change start type button (or you can use the context menu, see above). There you can select, whether a service is launched automatically (Automatic) with every boot of the system, Manual (only when required) or whether a service is completely deactivated.


Using Show (see red frame) you can filter your results to achieve a more clearly and organized overview. This way you can, for example, only show services that were rated completely useless, in order to disable unnecessary services.


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Please note: Before you change the status of a service, please read the description to make sure that a change in the settings doesn’t threaten your system stability.